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With a committed approach and progressive vision, we are able to cater varied range of Pyrophyllite for the clients. The pyrophyllite which we offer belongs to the montmorillonite group of minerals. As far as the construction part is concerned it’s a secondary mineral of composition Al2O3, 4Sio2, H2O. It is a white powder, silky in nature having its main constituent as hydroxide of aluminium and silica. It falls under the family of China clay. It has got an excellent whiteness. Our quality analyst makes sure that this product is free from any kind of contaminant and is precisely composed. These chemical tests are often done to convey that the two apart pyrophyllite breaks or exfoliates into leaves when fired to temperatures in excess of800°C. Our Pyrophyllite is widely accolade in the market for their extraordinary features and this makes us a preferred destination among our clients. This powder can be availed at highly competitive prices from us. We do provide the pyrophyllite in required quantity to cater the variegated demands of the clients.

Category: Aluminium Silicate Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: AlSi2O5OH

Pyrophyllite is a Phyllosilicate Mineral species belonging to the Clay family i.e. a Secondary Mineral of composition Al2O3 , SiO2, H2O. In appearance and physical properties it is identical to Talc but in chemical composition, it differs. Pyrophyllite is a Hydrous Aluminum Silicate.

Uses and Applications:
Insecticides, Refractory Bricks and Ceramic Industry.

Our Specialization:
We are the Only Mine Owners of this Mineral in our region having high and rich deposits which is extracted year round. Being the only Mine Owner of this Rare Mineral, we have developed a niche and can supply the best in the industry as per Customized specs and requirements.